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A bitesize introduction to hospitality as a career

This course teaches you everything you need to know about the hospitality world, from planning events and serving food to leading teams and understanding healthy eating.

Starts: 18th October 2023
Day: Wednesday
Time: 10 am to 1 pm
Duration: 6 weeks

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Welcome to The Art of Hospitality!

Course Description: 
Welcome to our "Art of Hospitality" course – an immersive and hands-on exploration into the multifaceted world of hospitality, offering participants a broad overview and practical skills applicable in various sectors within the industry.

Who should attend? 
 This course is ideally tailored for This course, with its comprehensive approach to exploring various facets of the hospitality industry, is suitable for a wide range of individuals who are keen to delve into the world of hospitality and event planning.  Home Care professionals and Social Care workers who aim to enhance their service quality and foster a more compassionate, person-centered approach. If you're keen to expand your skills within your profession and boost your personal and professional growth, this enlightening course is perfect for you. 

Lakefield Hospitality College 
Maresfield Gardens 
NW3 5RY Course 

 Our course extends over 6 weeks with sessions scheduled on the following dates: 18/10/23  Classes will be held every Wednesday from 10 am to 1 pm. 

All the materials for the theoretical and practical sessions will be provided. Embark on this transformational journey with us, and let's together elevate your customer service skills in the hospitality and care industry to new heights.

What You'll Learn in the Art of Hospitality Course

Week 1: Introduction & Exploring Hospitality
Exploring Hospitality as a Vocation Qualities Needed for Success (Part 1: Teamwork, Communication)
Week 2: Developing Core Hospitality Skills Qualities Needed for Success (Part 2: Presentation, Time Management) Leadership Skills (Part 1: Styles and Importance) Leadership Skills (Part 2: Application in Hospitality)
Week 3: Dive into Food Service
Exploring Food Service as a Career Hands-On: Napkin Folding and Table Set-Up Practical: Table Service and Silver Service Tea and Coffee Cultures and Service Techniques
Week 4: Sommelier and Wine Service Being a Sommelier: An Introduction Practical: Wine Tasting Theory and Practical: Food and Wine Pairing Wine Service Etiquette and Techniques
Week 5: Housekeeping and Event Management
Exploring Housekeeping as a Career The Linen Department: Importance and Management Housekeeping Techniques and Equipment Introduction to Event Planning as a Career
Week 6: Culmination: Nutrition, Event Planning Nutrition Basics for the Hospitality Industry The Psychology of Colour, Texture, and Aroma in Food Event Planning: Design, Marketing, and Milestones Course Recap, Feedback, and Next Steps


Please be prepared to provide your residency documents such as a passport, EU citizen ID card, UK Birth Certificate or Biometric Card. 
If you have been in the UK for less than 3 years or have entered the UK with a visa you will need to provide evidence that you are eligible to study in the UK - your visa, your biometric card that covers the duration of your course or any relevant home office documents to support your residency should all be uploaded. If you’re an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen we will need to see evidence of 'Pre-Settled' or 'Settled-status' documents. Also for funding purposes we would need to see evidence of payslips if working (within the last 3 months). 
If you are receiving benefits (e.g JSA, ESA, Universal Credit (UC), Housing benefits etc. please bring evidence of this).


The Course will take place in Lakefield Hospitality College Maresfield Gardens
NW3 5RY London

Head Of Learning And Development

Meet Your Instructor

Kristen Henderson is a dedicated and seasoned educator currently serving as a faculty member at Lakefield College. With a passion for lifelong learning and a diverse educational background, Kristen specializes in creating dynamic and inclusive learning environments that stimulate intellectual curiosity and academic growth. In her tenure at Lakefield, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to student success, nurturing individual potential, and fostering a love for learning. Her comprehensive pedagogical approach integrates innovative teaching methods with practical real-world experiences, preparing students for the challenges of the modern world.

Kristen Henderson

Senior Instructor



What residency documents do I need to provide for enrollment?

 I've been in the UK for less than 3 years / I have a visa. What additional documentation is required?

 I'm an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen. What documents do I need to provide?

What documents do I need to provide for funding purposes?